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All our hunts include top of the line airguns, unlimited ammo, unlimited air refills, water, hydrating drinks, snacks, full-time guiding to keep you on targets and prime locations. 

Half Day Hunt  $200 per person

Full Day Hunt   $350 per person

Iguana Meat      $10/lbs

Iguana Lunch   $150 per group

Transportation Available. Prices change according to pick up and hunting location, and the amount of people. 


Taxydermist prep and shipping varies per size and destination


Pictures are taken randomly during the hunt and several taken at the end and those are shared totaly free. However, for extensive content like professional pictures and videos, including scopecam view footage, you can contact us for a quotation. 

Proper clothing: 

Long pants, closed shoes (boots better), short or long sleve shirts (avoid tanktops), and cap or hat. 

Please try to book your hunt at least one week in advance to give us the time for scouting and be prepared to give you the best experience possible. 

Our guides and locations will give you an experience of a lifetime. We work hard on planning every hunt to make it 100% success guaranteed. We only use the best rifles in the airgun industry; FX Airguns. Accurate and powerful like no other. Safe environment, plenty of targets and unlimited ammo. More adventures in development right now!

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